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5 Best Renovations for an Older Home

13 Apr 2018 by In Blog


Are you attempting to renovate an older home? Older homes tend to be less expensive to purchase, but they can sometimes feel uncomfortable and dated. Whether you have inherited an older home or are looking at one to buy, consider these renovations to make the home more attractive and functional for modern living.

1. Choosing an Open Floor Plan

What makes an old home feel like an old home? Often, it’s the absence of open floor space. Old homes were built to be cozy, but that also made them restrictive. These homes had many unnecessary walls, such as the walls between kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms.

A great way to make an old home feel like a new home is to open up the floor plan. You can knock down walls inside of your home to make it bright, airy, and contemporary. However, plan this carefully, as you may still need some support structures. Working with a knowledgeable builder is imperative, to ensure that your home’s structural integrity isn’t in danger. 

2. Updating the Plumbing and Electrical

You’re probably going to need to update the plumbing and electrical of an older home eventually. It’s often best to renovate these things before you move in, as these renovations can be quite extensive. Plumbing and electrical standards have changed over the last few decades, which means an old home may need to be brought up to code. Plumbing and electrical problems can be dangerous and expensive.

It can cost a few thousand dollars to rewire a room or change out the plumbing of a bathroom, but this will also increase the value of your home and head off other expensive problems in the future.

3. Installing Shelving and Closets

You’ll often find that older homes don’t even have closets. In the past, people often preferred wardrobes to built-in storage, so rooms were made with this in mind. Rather than having a built-in closet, individuals could place their wardrobe wherever they wished.

Built-in storage is much more convenient, both for bedrooms and bathrooms (though they’ve fallen slightly out of favor in areas such as halls). If you have over-sized rooms or areas of dead space, then consider adding some built-in storage.

4. Stripping Out Old Improvements

If you’ve purchased an older home, it’s very likely that you aren’t the first person to renovate it. Some of the prior renovations may not have been the greatest, such as covering up solid wood floors with carpeting. 

Strip out some of the renovations or improvements that you don’t like, as it can be less costly than building over. Refinishing solid wood flooring is often far cheaper than installing new flooring. Likewise, you may want to strip paint off of painted wood cabinets or painted trim.

5. Adding Insulation

Old homes are often thought to be drafty, but often that’s just because they haven’t been upgraded with modern insulation. Windows, doors, interior insulation, and attic insulation should all be considered when trying to make a home more comfortable. Adding insulation improves the value of a home and reduces energy costs every month.

Updating the windows is a fast way to change the look of an older home while also adding some functional improvements. If you don’t want to update older windows, check the seals around the windows; you may need to re-seal their frames. 

Apart from all of the renovation ideas mentioned above, do not forget to think about the roof, foundation, and other structural issues. Assess these before you begin your interior design. To get started, consult with our experts at Sawhorse Designers and Builders

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