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4 Steps to Prepare for a Rooftop Deck

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0

A rooftop deck is a dream addition for many homeowners. Whether you have a view that takes in the lighted city at night or a stunning sunset view over water, you can take advantage of everything your home has to offer with a rooftop deck.

But a rooftop deck can be a complicated addition. If you think it might be right for your house, here are four steps to get it right. Read more!

What Do You Need to Know About Remodeling a Condo?

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0

If you’re living in a major metropolitan area, a condominium just makes sense. Yet you may want to have the amenities of home-style living in a condominium. How can you tailor your condo’s storage and conveniences to your own needs? Remodeling a condo is more than possible, but you must first take the following points into consideration. Read more!

Closets and Your Life: 4 Solutions for Any Budget

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0

Closets are an important — but often underappreciated — part of making today’s homes comfortable and useful. If your closets are less than inspiring, what can you do to make them work better? Here are four ideas to work with any budget. Read more!

Want an Indoor Pool?

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0

A happy young couple having fun in swimming pool

5 Ways This Home Addition Is Challenging But Rewarding

One of the most luxurious additions you can make to any home is the addition of an indoor pool. This remodeling project will add value to your home.

Before you decide on an indoor pool, though, keep in mind these five key aspects of this unique addition. Read more!

5 Best Renovations for an Older Home

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0


Are you attempting to renovate an older home? Older homes tend to be less expensive to purchase, but they can sometimes feel uncomfortable and dated. Whether you have inherited an older home or are looking at one to buy, consider these renovations to make the home more attractive and functional for modern living.

Read more!

Remodel Your Tiny Home With Storage in Mind

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0

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If you’re remodeling your tiny home, then you may be worried about storing all of your stuff. This post lists tips that you can use to store your stuff, without compromising your living space.

Raised Platforms

One clever way to remodel with storage in mind is to create raised spaces in your tiny home. You’re your remodeling contractors build small platforms, like stages, for your seating, workspace, or dinette set. These platforms will have self-contained storage under hinged doors, this way you get the square footage of a tiny home and some hidden compartments to store your stuff.

Read more!

Need A Bigger House? 5 Ways To Add Space To Your Home Without Moving

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0

8dec1c6f-5ced-4484-8031-6727e978954dIf your home feels a little cramped, then your first instinct may be to look at buying a new one and start moving. However, many real estate markets are tight and expensive, and this option may not be very cost effective.

The good news is that there are several ways to add useful space to your existing house without packing up and changing addresses. Here are five ideas to get you started. Read more!

3 Ways Investing in Home Remodeling Pays Off

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0


Purchasing a home represents a significant financial responsibility. While most buyers know that they will not find a property with everything on their wish list, few take the time to consider the benefits of investing in a major remodel for a new property.

Purchasing a home that needs some work can seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be financially beneficial to begin remodeling your new residence. Here are three ways that investing in a home remodel now can actually pay off in the immediate future.

Read more!

5 Challenges You Can Solve With Modern Deck Designs

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0

0ac97e70-5565-4569-8af1-b2e543262a89Installing a deck on your property can be more than just a fun outdoor addition. It can also solve a number of challenges in your yard or even the home. Here are five such problems and solutions. Read more!

Caring For an Older Family Member? 5 Ways to Add Living Space to Your Home

by Megan Ghormely in Blog Comments: 0

More and more American families these days find themselves caring for aging family members. And while you may want to be able to help an elderly parent or relative by welcoming them into your home, it can be a logistical problem to make it physically work for the whole family. 

If your family is facing this challenge, here are five ways to create space for your older family member to live with you.09620027-6326-49b9-afbe-109456f62af5 Read more!