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Closets and Your Life: 4 Solutions for Any Budget

15 Aug 2018 by In Blog

Closets are an important — but often underappreciated — part of making today’s homes comfortable and useful. If your closets are less than inspiring, what can you do to make them work better? Here are four ideas to work with any budget.

Add Targeted Closets

When people think of closets, they generally think about bedroom closets. But in fact, you probably have a number of different types of closets all around the home. Each can serve a specific purpose, and you can make improvements in various rooms.

For example, the pantry is one of the most important closets outside the bedroom, and the pantry deserves as much attention to organization as your bedroom closet does. The pantry should be organized to accommodate how you cook and have easy-to-reach shelves, hooks, and drawers as well as plenty of light.

In addition to the pantry, other closets to give attention to include an entryway or hallway coat closet, broom or utility closets, play area storage closets, and laundry room closets. With many of these additional closets in other rooms, you may even find that you can recoup some space in bedroom closets without changing them.

Boost Organization

If you can’t add closets, work with what you have by making them more efficient. Assess your actual closet use. Do you need room for lots of shoes, or do you love cozy winter coats and scarves more? Do you need full-length hanging rods, or would you prefer to double up with above-and-below styles? Do you have a lot of jewelry to organize? Does the dirty laundry get out of hand easily? Find solutions for your specific closet challenges.

Use a custom organization system to match your needs to drawers, shelves, tie racks, hanging hooks, rods, and even counter space. Make sure to utilize all the vertical space in each closet with wall-mounted shelves — even double shelves — that fit in the often-underused space overhead. And don’t forget to use the door either for hanging items or placing things like a full-length mirror.

Expand Current Closets

Can you make more out of your existing closets by adding space? Look at the rooms on the other sides of the walls of your current closets. Closet walls are usually in non–load bearing partition walls that are easy to remove or adjust.

Is there space to expand into the adjoining areas or rooms? Family bedrooms often feature side-by-side or back-to-back closets, and you may be able to remove the adjoining wall to create a larger space for one. If the master closet is adjacent to a large master bath, you may also be able to use space in the bathroom to make your closet more workable. Changing from a basic bedroom closet to a walk-in style will open up your whole master suite.

Make Closets Inviting

Love your closets more by making them more appealing. You and your kids are much more likely to effectively use and clean a closet that looks great. Renovate your closet to complement the decorative style of the room it’s attached to, matching things like wall color, trim color, and wood grains. Add a more attractive pendant light fixture to brighten it up, and even add some wall art, if there’s space. Something as simple as shelving with doors and drawers can also make things look and feel neater no matter how you use the closet.

Fixing closet space problems in your home can make a big difference to your living situation without adding much cost. Whatever your closet deficiencies, at Sawhorse Designers and Builders, we can help you find great solutions. Visit us today to get started.

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