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20 Apr 2014 by In Baths


The truth lies in the details.  Such is the case with many construction and finish details associated with a Sawhorse Bathroom.  Plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops, flooring materials, tile patterns, lighting and glass choices are just a few of the finish materials that are needed for a Sawhorse Bathroom.  Natural stone countertops are our mainstay with natural quartz also selected by many.  Natural stone tiles proliferate feature accent tiles with glass, stone and/or metal assembled mosaics have become a selection that excites many a bathroom wall tile patterns.  Natural stone used as shampoo niches or shelves along with matching shower benches extend that spa feel to walk-in showers.  Stained or natural wood finished cabinets are a primary selection of most baths.  These exquisite details define the Sawhorse bathrooms shown.

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