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24 Apr 2014 by In Baths

ABOUT this PROJECT – Washburn

Minneapolis bath remodel.   Combining two households demanded an upper hall bath meet storage needs not present in the 1915 bathroom space.  Acquiring adequate space from an adjacent bedroom allowed for a cast iron tub/shower installation while maintain space for a new storage enhanced vanity. Traditional style tiles used in both shower walls and wainscot tile with exquisite detailed glass/stone inlay as wainscot cap and maintain a vintage feel to the turn of the century home. The adult height 36” high maple vanity with a welcome change to the wall sink formerly present.  A complimentary vintage mirror and wall sconces continue the period feel to the bathroom.

Features: Custom maple stained articulated vanity cabinetry, Low maintenance porcelain shower walls with accent feature tile and Corian shampoo shelves.

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