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02 Mar 2014 by In Kitchens


The truth lies in the details. Such is the case with many construction and finish details associated with a Sawhorse Kitchens.  Cabinets, countertops, flooring materials, tile patterns, plumbing fixtures, lighting and glass choices are just a few of the finish materials that are needed for your kitchen remodel.  Natural stone countertops are our mainstay with natural quartz also selected by many.  Natural stone tiles proliferate feature accent tiles with glass, stone and/or metal assembled mosaics have become a selection that excites many a kitchen backsplash wall tile patterns.  Painted, stained or natural wood finished cabinets are all diverse selection made by our clients.  And last but certainly not least are the ergonomic that are infused in every Sawhorse kitchen that will allow for maximum accessibility for all your storage needs. These exquisite details define the Sawhorse kitchens shown.

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