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Want an Indoor Pool?

23 May 2018 by In Blog

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5 Ways This Home Addition Is Challenging But Rewarding

One of the most luxurious additions you can make to any home is the addition of an indoor pool. This remodeling project will add value to your home.

Before you decide on an indoor pool, though, keep in mind these five key aspects of this unique addition.

1. Structural Differences

Because of the high volume of moisture that goes along with placing a pool inside any building, you have to be very careful with climate control. Pools cannot be placed in any room just as though they were any other element.

Instead, you will need to install proper water vapor barriers in the walls and ceiling. Failure to adequately prevent moisture from developing in the walls means the growth of mold and mildew, as well as the breakdown of the home’s structure.

In addition to moisture control, you’ll also need to determine if the building can handle the weight and size of a water-filled pool, provide plenty of space around it, and ensure adequate ventilation for chemical odors without increasing evaporation.

2. Seamless Appearance

You probably don’t want to just plop an indoor pool room on the back of your home and call it good. A mismatched external structure like that could actually reduce the home’s value and leave you with an unsightly addition. Instead, give plenty of thought ahead of time to where the room would look the most harmonious with the existing house — both indoors and from outside.

Try to select materials that will match the siding, trim, windows, and colors already around it. Adding such a large external room may necessitate redesigning a part of your backyard or even the traffic flow in the rooms leading to or around the pool.

3. Materials Choice

The good news about indoor pools is that they aren’t exposed to the elements nearly as much as outdoor ones. This means you have even more freedom to design the pool you want with the materials you really want. You could opt for smaller tiles, for instance, or glass and ceramics that wouldn’t be as sturdy when exposed to heat and cold weather.

4. Roofs and Windows

Another fun element unique to indoor pools is the ability to play with windows and roof structures. Most pool owners like to have plenty of windows all around the pool to provide natural lighting and a better link to the outdoors.

If the pool room will be on the outside of the house, you may also be able to add skylights or even a retractable roof. Screened windows, window walls, or retractable roofs help you enjoy the pool all year long by making comfort more easily controlled.

Work with an experienced contractor to design your windows and ceiling configurations, though. Too much glass without ventilation could lead to too much heat inside the pool room, whereas too few openings could mean higher heating bills.

5. Additional Lighting

Don’t count on windows and skylights alone to provide all the lighting you need. Like an outdoor pool, an indoor pool will need some nighttime lighting. But since you have more lighting options, you can be even more creative with choices. Skip the old-fashioned floodlights and opt for cool built-in lights, soft uplights along the walls, or hidden glows in the architecture itself.

All these added structural needs and increased choices for decor make it vital that you work with an experienced remodeling contractor as early as possible. At Sawhorse Designers and Builders, we’ve aided Minnesota families in creating the homes of their dreams for more than 40 years. If an indoor pool is part of your dream, contact us to make it happen.

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