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What Do You Need to Know About Remodeling a Condo?

12 Sep 2018 by In Blog

If you’re living in a major metropolitan area, a condominium just makes sense. Yet you may want to have the amenities of home-style living in a condominium. How can you tailor your condo’s storage and conveniences to your own needs? Remodeling a condo is more than possible, but you must first take the following points into consideration.

You Need to Clear It With the Condo Association

There are two reasons you have to deal with the association: permission and scheduling. In terms of permission, a condo association can actually have a significant amount of influence on what you can and can’t do.

For instance, a condo association can say that only carpeting is allowed on upper-floor condos. As long as that rule is in the condo documents that you got when you purchased the property, it can be upheld and the association can fine you for breaking it.

Scheduling is also important. Your contractors will likely be using elevators, which the condo association will need to allow. You may also need to park in loading zones and make other types of arrangements.

You May Not Own Your Exterior

For many condos, you only own the inside of your walls and on. That means that you may not own the balcony or be able to modify anything affixed to the outside of your walls. In many areas, this is a common space that the condo association both maintains and controls. You can’t change out the balcony structure or enclose it unless your condominium documents allow for it.

You Need to Understand Your Limitations

You won’t be able to move around things like toilets, showers, and bathrooms in a condominium. You also won’t be able to move light fixtures significantly or do anything that impacts the plumbing or electrical work. You generally can’t change the internal layout of a condo, either: your current blueprints are what you’re going to be stuck with.

Even so, you can make a lot of changes in the interior. You can usually change flooring, paint, and decorations. Any removable or movable fixtures can be swapped out, and often you’ll be able to switch out our appliances.

You Need to Have a Goal in Mind

In general, remodeling a condo is about utilizing space. Condos are, in nearly every other respect, the same as a home. The only disadvantage a condo has is in terms of the way it uses its square footage. The following are a few of the most common types of condo remodel:

Updating Your Condo

Updates usually entail installing new fixtures, repainting the condo, replacing countertops, and getting new appliances. This removes any of the more dated features of the condo, such as colors that are no longer in style or metals that have fallen out of favor.

Making Use of Space

You may want to make better use of the overall space in your condo. This often requires built-in shelving and updated cabinetry. Kitchens are one of the best areas to remodel, as new types of modern cabinetry make better use of space. An example is pull-out corner cabinets or Lazy Susan cabinets.

Increasing Efficiency

By changing out lighting, installing new water heaters (if allowed), and improving any air conditioning or heating units you have, you can increase the energy and water efficiency of your home.

Remodeling a condo is not always as easy as remodeling a home, as it does require that you follow rules, regulations, and the general build of the property. However, it can still be valuable. A condo remodel will increase the value and convenience of your property. For more information, contact Sawhorse Designers & Builders.

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